Friday, October 29, 2010

Who thought 6:10 am would be considered "oversleeping"?

So I had trouble going to sleep last night. Probably the anticipation of the weekend and the Dr. Pepper I drank around 7:00 (yep, that's probably it). My alarm rings on my cell phone at 5:10 am every morning (really sucks, I know). I have to get out of bed around 5:40 to get in the shower with enough time to get ready and out the door by 6:25-6:30 (thank you Pulaski County Schools for changing the start time to 7:30!). You may wonder why my alarm rings at 5:10 and I don't get up until 5:40...well, I like to hit the snooze a few times. Makes me feel better...something about 10 minute intervals that makes me feel like I have so much more time to sleep...haha! So this morning, I guess I snoozed, and snoozed, and snoozed until Hunter's alarm rang at 6:10.

HOLY CRAP, I'M SO LATE WAKING UP...HOW AM I GOING TO SHOWER AND GET OUT OF THE DOOR IN 20 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE TO SHOWER, I LOOK LIKE TOTAL CRAP!!!!!!!! (taking you through my thought process)

Pure Panic...and man can I get ready fast when I need to! I jumped in the shower, which lasted .2 seconds and was running around like a crazy person. I figured I'd better get my eye makeup on because I can't do eyeliner and mascara in the car (especially when it's still dark outside!!). I decided to do my powder and blush on the way...much easier! I wore my hair curly, which is super fast, hallelujah! I made it to school on time, remembered to get my lunch, and grabbed some breakfast. So let's just hope that doesn't happen again!!!!!!!! I don't think I could handle another panic attack, especially that early in the morning!

Luckily, I had my clothes picked out. Since I'm a teacher, I decided to wear my Halloween t-shirt my mom bought me. Corny, I know, but the things you do for kids. If I had a picture of myself, I'd post one...but i'm too lazy to do that. So just picture me in an AWESOME Halloween t-shirt, with a picture of a pumpkin, cat, and witch...JEALOUS????????????? You totally should be!!!!

Happy Halloween everybody! Wishing I wasn't too old to trick-or-treat...but wait, i'm so short, if I had a mask, they'd never know...MU HA HA HA HA HA HA!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things that make me Happy!!!

It doesn't take much for me to be happy! I feel as though I'm a pretty happy person. Here are a few things that have made me happy, recently:

-My husband coming straight home after work and not going to the gym
-Talking to my sister on the phone every morning and afternoon
-Eating M&M's for a snack
-Grading quizzes for my students and finding that a lot of them did AWESOME on their fractions quiz WITHOUT a calculator.
-Finding that Nicholas Sparks has a new book out that I haven't read yet
-Cinnamon Applesauce
-Laughing and joking with my students (they are finally getting used to my sarcasm)
-Getting a phone call from my niece...I just love her to pieces!!!
-Watching the shows I DVR weekly!
-Going out to eat on nights I don't want to cook
-Sleeping IN!!!!!!!!!!
-Being tied for 1st place in my Fantasy Football League
-Vanilla Cokes from Sonic
-Thursday nights, knowing that the weekend is ahead of me!
-Having a great home, job, husband, family, and friends!!! I'm so blessed!!!!

Hope you're Happy today! Life's too short to sweat the small stuff! Have a great weekend!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Razorback Game! Go Hogs!!!

On Friday evening, I was sitting on the couch watching television, when I got a text from Lindsey Holbert asking me if I wanted to go the the Razorback game on Saturday! I called her immediately and said, "heck yes!" Her sister, Erin, had four tickets to the Razorback game this past Saturday and she couldn't go, so she let Lindsey have the tickets. Lindsey thought it would be fun to make it a girls' trip...which was an excellent idea because Hunter was out of town! Lana and Amanda jumped on board and the four of us made the trip to Fayetteville early Saturday morning. Here we are at the game, all wind blown and ready for action!

We had a great time on the drive up, just laughing and catching up! We parked the car, ate breakfast at Chick-fil-a, then walked to the stadium. We had really good seats, on the 50 yard line, way up high! The first half, the weather was really nice...but then the clouds came in, bringing rain. Even with a little rain, the game was so much fun! We were in really good moods and just so happy to be there. We had to experience a few rain delays, however, we made the most of it. They played on their I-phones with Internet, while I watched them since I don't have an I-Phone...I still have a flip phone which suits me well (and my students tell me my phone it outdated, whateva!!!!). I hiked my jeans up so they wouldnt get wet and they thought I looked like an idiot...imagine that?? I told them that "my give a damn was busted!" haha! They think I'm so you? Needless to say, we had a blast and made fools of ourselves! And the Razorbacks won....holla!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the ride home, we decided to stop at Braum's in Alma for some ice cream! Yeah! It was delicious!!! It definitely made me happy since I was driving in rain that was so hard to see! But we finally made it home safe and sound! Such a wonderful, spontaneous day with friends!!! Loving my life in my mid (who am I kidding?) 20's. Thanks Lindsey Holbert for the tickets! Love you!!!!

Wishing I could've been on the Jumbo tron,

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beef Stew! Yum!

Hunter said he wanted me to make some Beef Stew for watching football! I haven't made it in forever! I pulled out my recipe, today, and went to the store to buy the ingredients. It was so easy and delicious! Why haven't I been making this the past couple of years???? I just had it in my recipe book and completely forgot about it. Thought i'd share it with you should definitely try it!

1-1/2 to 2 lbs. of stew meat (trim fat & use raw)
1 can green beans (drained)
1 can cut carrots (drained)
3 cans tomato soup
1 pkg. dry french onion soup mix
3 whole potatoes (peeled and cut up bite size)

I put mine all in the crockpot and mixed it up. I added salt and pepper. Cook over low heat for 8 hours or on high heat for 4-6 hours. We ate it with cornbread but Sister Schubert rolls are awesome too!!! I hope you enjoy it during this fall season!

Betty Crocker herself,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Student Teacher Update!

Well, I told you that I got a new student teacher a few weeks ago. I was really nervous because he is a 33 year old man. I thought it might be weird to show an older person how to teach, especially a man!! I could tell when he met me that he was surprised by my age and size! But when we finally got past that, everything turned out great! He was such a big help...tomorrow is already his last day!

I have really enjoyed having him in my class. It's nice to have somebody else's perspective and help. He has kept me from having to grade tons of papers over the weekend and spend lots of time entering those grades. I haven't made copies in three weeks because he makes them all for me! He told me that he is basically my "slave" and would do anything I asked of him. How wonderful...can he stay???? haha I love having the help because teachers have so much to do!!!! Not only do I have to teach all day, but I have to grade papers, enter those grades, discipline children, call parents, update my grades weekly for parents, go to conferences, make tests, run student council, make copies, send work for kids who are absent or in ISS, fill out a professional growth plan, turn in my lesson plans every Friday, and the list goes on...............!!!! I feel as though I'm going 90 to nothing ALL DAY LONG!!!! So it's really nice when you have some extra hands! His teacher asked me if I had a student teacher assigned to me next semester because she thought I was doing a good maybe there is hope for one next semester???? Maybe it's IN MY DREAMS!!

So I have really enjoyed having a student teacher. Not only do I get help, but I get to help them as they work toward becoming an educator. The first nine weeks is over tomorrow...1/4 of the year is already over....WHAT??? Man, time flies by! Here goes another nine weeks...wish me luck!

Teacher of the year,
Carrie Scott (jk)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday Trip to Missouri!!!

I had a WONDERFUL Birthday!!! Hunter took me to Springfield, Missouri to see my family! My parents flew in from Orlando and we met at my uncles' house. My grandparents also made the 95 mile trip for the weekend. There were 10 of, dad, me, hunter, grandpa, grandma, uncle wayne, aunt dawn, aaron and adam (my cousins)! We got there on Friday night and just visited all evening. I had asked for some money for my birthday, so I could go shopping. I NEVER shop!!!! I hate to spend money and I just wanted to go on a shopping spree. Hunter, his parents, his grandpa, my grandparents, and my sister all gave me money to shop. And man did I!!!!

Saturday the girls spent the day at the Springfield mall! I had a wad full of cash and just loved being able to try clothes on and say "yes, I want this...I'm going to buy it!" I got three pairs of shoes (2 of them are the cutest boots), several sweaters & shirts, 2 pairs of skinny jeans (omg! i'm branching out),dress pants for work (express has "short" which is a must for me), jewelry, underwear...and more! It was great fun and I didn't feel bad about spending any of it. I loved having my family there to encourage me to try new styles...what a great way to spend my actual birthday!!

After shopping, we met up with the boys and had dinner at a Japanese fun (and delish!). We then went to a place called "The Skinny Improv." It was an improv show and they use the audience to help come up with the ideas. Of course they happened to know it was my birthday and they brought me on-stage. I had to sit on a chair while the actors joked and did some skits pretending they knew me from the past. It was pretty funny...I loved it! We then went home for German Chocolate cake and Dairy Queen cake! I opened gifts from my mommy & daddy, sister, and grandma (i got more cute clothes, jewelry and an awesome purse). I feel so blessed! Thanks everyone for making my birthday so special! I didn't want to come home yesterday, but was glad to even get to spend a few days with my family! Love you guys!

All in all, it was a FABULOUS birthday (even if it means I have to turn 27). How is it that Hunter just turned 26 and i'm turning 27??? Ugh!!!! Oh well...Let's just say I have 3 years until i'm 30...

Hope you had a fabulous October weekend!!

This old lady is signing off,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chili Time!

My husband LOVES to make Chili and it's one of my favorite things to eat in the fall/winter. Today, we went to church and there was a nice chill in the air. We got home and he just HAD to make his first pot of chili.

So we went to the store to buy all of the things we need...and we ran into Drew & Lindsey! They were eating lunch in the cafe! Our new Kroger is FABULOUS!!! So many selections...and it's a great place to eat...the sushi staff makes fresh sushi all day and there is a great soup bar and hot food line! It was fun to see them!

We got home and put the chili together...we like to tag-team it! So much fun to cook together on Sundays! He went to go hunting this afternoon, while I stay home to get some things done around the house (mostly school work). I can smell the chili simmering and I am so excited to eat it! I bought fritos, sour cream, and cheese to go in it. Hunter told me to stir the chili while he's gone...he's so afraid I'll forget and leave it there to burn (whatever!)...he really worries about it. He is so funny about his chili...but he's so good at making it!

Speaking of chili, I am kinda chilly myself. Gotta love fall! Ready to bring out those Halloween decorations!

Have a great week!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Burn Ban, dangit!

Well, Hunter and I were really pumped to go camping this weekend. Hunter and his father recently purchased a pop-up camper for hunting season and we haven't been able to use it yet. We knew it was going to be a wonderful weekend...finally cool enough at night so we could sleep without getting hot. We reserved our campsite at Wooly Hollow yesterday, and found out last night that there is a BURN BAN!!!


We decided not to go camping because we can't even have a campfire...what fun would that be? We wanted to roast marshmallows and cook our dinner in the fire. So no camping for us this!!! We are going to just lay around and watch football instead and enjoy this lovely weekend! But I am looking forward to my birthday next weekend!!!!!!!!!!! I get to see my parents, aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandparents!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! (for those of you who don't know, none of my family lives in the same state as me, so when I get to see them it's a HUGE deal!!!!!!!!!!) Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend...I'll be enjoying mine (just not sitting by a campfire)!

Damn you Smokey Bear (jk),