Friday, November 16, 2012

2 Months Old!!! 4 days he will officially be 3 months old...i'm a little late posting...but oh well!!!!
At your 2 month check-up, here are your stats: Weight: 14 lbs (87th percentile) Height: 25 inches (95th percentile) Head Circumference: 16 inches (57th percentile) You are tall like your daddy with a tiny head! Lol! I knew you would be tall, but it still makes mommy laugh to see the percentiles! You are our big boy!!
At 2 months here's what you are do/like/dislike: *You smile at mommy when she talks to you *You make the sweetest coo sounds *You HATE to be swaddled *You take your last bottle around 10:30pm and I put you in your crib and you put yourself to sleep. You usually don't wake up until between 6:30 or 8:00 am the next morning. You've been sleeping through the night since you were 6 weeks old! *You love to stretch in your bed every morning *You make lots of noises when you sleep so we started having you sleep in your crib at 4 weeks *You love to watch the Baby Einstein Level 1 Video (you will watch for 10 mins and then start to cry) *You like to lay on your play mat and stare at the toys *You love your vibrating chair and take naps there during the day *You wear Size 1 Diapers *You are wearing 3-6 months clothes because you are so LONG! *You LOVE the bath and have never cried during bath time! *You LOVE your changing always calms you down if you are upset!
*You are such a good eater! You eat 6 bottles a day (5-6 ounces per bottle). *Your eyes keep getting "blue"er like mommy's
Weston, your daddy and I love you so very much. We prayed for you for a long time. Last night, your daddy was holding you and he said "You are exactly what I wanted." It was the sweetest thing I have ever heard and I couldn't agree more! You are the best thing that has ever happened to us. We LOVE you to the moon and back!

Monday, November 5, 2012


So it was around 2pm when I found out I wasn't going to have a C-Section. I was on the phone with my mom hoping she was going to make it to the hospital before I had the baby. She was in Missouri visiting my grandparents, and was on her way to Little Rock. Luckily, she made it when I was about 9 cm. She got to come see me and I started crying the minute I saw her. Something about seeing your mom when you are going through a big event just makes the tears start flowing. I was SO excited she made it. She was snapping pictures and was so ready to meet her grandson! My grandparents were with her and got to come see me, too! They weren't there very long before they wanted me to start pushing, so off they went to the waiting room. Hunter and I wanted it to be just the two of us in the delivery room. Pushing was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life...pushing aint for sissies! Wow, what an amazing experience. Probably the best day of my life besides the day I married Hunter. Weston Daniel Scott arrived at 5:04 pm. He weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long with a head full of blonde hair. What a blessing! Here's our first family picture:
I told you that I was super hungry the entire I wanted some FOOD! The nurse brought me a Dr. Pepper, but told me to be careful not to drink too much because the bubbles might upset my stomach. She also brought me a tray of food, which I ended up only eating a few bites because I started feeling sick to my stomach...bummer!!! I suddenly hit a wall and was so tired!!! Giving birth WORE ME OUT! We finally got moved to our other room and Weston went to the nursery for the night so that mommy and daddy could get some much needed sleep! The next day, a photographer came into the room and took some of the sweetest pictures of Weston...

Monday, October 29, 2012

OH BABY!!! Part I

Holy Moly, it's been a hectic two months. I haven't even had the chance to think about blogging. Why you say? Because we had a BABY!! A beautiful baby boy...who I am absolutely in love with! I know most people already know this because of the FACEBOOK world; however, I wanted to blog about it so that I can always remember the details. You think you'll always remember the details, and then years pass by and things start to slowly fade, here's the birth story... On Sunday, August 19th, I was one day shy of 39 weeks...and rather large!
We went to church with my in-laws and to lunch at Copelands. I was a little anxious because on Monday I had my first day of school, with students. Every year, I get a little nervous to meet all of my kiddos and especially this year because I was SO pregnant. I wanted to meet them, even if it was only for the first day...I wanted to work up until the day I had Weston because why sit around and wait and drive myself crazy! It's like watching paint dry...BORING! Those last few weeks of pregnancy just creep on by and I remember having thoughts, "Is this ever going to happen???" On Sunday, I kept thinking that maybe my water broke or had a slow leak, so I called the nurse on call and she told me that if my water broke, i'd for sure know because it's a LOT of water. She said not to worry and to come in if it was like a faucet. So....I cleaned house, took my shower, straightened my hair, and picked out my close for the first day of school. At 10:00 pm, Hunter and I went to bed. At 12:15 am, I woke up and had to use the restroom (every 2 hours I did this those last few weeks). I remember going to the bathroom and thinking, "what if my water is leaking and I don't know it?" I was rather concerned but got back in bed and said "God, if my water is leaking and i need to go to the hospital, will you please give me a sign?" I am not kidding when I say that minutes later I felt a large gush and immediately ran to the bathroom. This time I KNEW my water had broken. Hunter must've heard me because he was up and I yelled "Hunter, I think it's time!!!" I got out my handy dandy list of last minute things to grab (phone charger, bathroom toiletries, etc...) and we were out the door in 10 minutes. I already had our bags packed and in the car, along with the car seat. I was ready for this moment and it was just as exciting as I'd hoped it would be. At this time, I had absolutely no pain or contractions. We pulled into Baptist before 1:00 am and parked in the parking garage. We walked across the sky bridge over to Labor & Delivery (we knew exactly where to go because we took childbirth class in July!) We were both SO excited and I made Hunter take one last picture of me pregnant, which turned out to be pretty blurry, but oh well!
I walked into the hospital and told them that I think my water broke. They weighed me at 146 lbs and took me over to Triage to have me checked before they would admit me. I started getting worried that maybe I just peed and my water didn't break...but then I knew I had just gone to the bathroom before it happened so it HAD to have broken. Hunter was laughing and hoping that we wouldn't be sent back home. Sure enough, my water had broken!!!! Since I wasn't having any contractions, they admitted me to a room to get my IV and were going to start Pitocin at 7:00 am. Our first nurse was Kelley Passifiume, a girl who graduated from CAC with my sister, Katie. It was so nice to have a nurse I was already familiar with! She was so sweet! We basically just spent the night at the hospital and tried to rest (but I was SO excited that it was pretty difficult to sleep). At 7:00 am, Kelley introduced me to my new nurses because she was going home. There were 2 nurses with me all day and an intern who was there to help/watch. The nurses were Sarah and Lindsey and the intern was Lacey. They were still on the clock during delivery, which was really awesome since they had been with me ALL day long. Luckily, my contractions were not very painful. At 3 cm, they had asked if I wanted some pain meds and i was told at childbirth class if they offer you pain meds, do not decline. So I said, "Sure." They asked if the doctor said ok, would I like to go ahead and get my epidural, and I was like "heck yeah!" So that process began and for me, it was more painful than contractions. He had to do it TWICE because the first time it was too low and I could feel it in the rear! It took awhile, but finally it was in place. The day went on and I was progressing...and STARVING!! I hadn't eaten since 7pm the night before, and not very much then because I wasn't feeling I wanted FOOD, which was not allowed. I enjoyed my ice chips and pretended they were something awesome! I kept talking about the food I would eat as soon as I had that baby! Here I am in the hospital...
Around noon, I could tell the nurses were studying my contractions and kind of talking quietly to each other and I told Hunter that something was up. He asked them what was going on and they said that they were concerned because with each contraction, Weston's heartrate would drop. They didn't like how it was affecting him so they were going to have the doctor come check it out. She came and I was at 5 cm. She had them take me off of Pitocin. She was afraid that without it, I might not make any progress. She was going to give me a little over an hour to see how I do on my own, and if no progress was made, we would have to have a C-Section. I was a little nervous, but decided that I'd get to meet my son sooner if this happened, so we mentally prepared for it...It was time to put on makeup in case we had to go to surgery soon...I didn't want to meet my son for the first time without my "face" on. Plus, I knew tons of pictures would come after I had I am:
The doctor came back a little before 2pm to check for progress and wouldn't ya know I went from a 5 to an 8 in that short C-Section!!!! We were gonna meet this baby soon! The doctor and nurses were so excited!!! And so were we!!! Part II to come soon... Carrie

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The End of Another Summer...

Another summer ends, a new school year bgins! It has been a great summer! We got out earlier this past school year...before Memorial Day...which NEVER happens! I'm so thankful i've had 11 weeks at home, sleeping in and preparing for baby Weston. Next Tuesday, I am going to go back to school for Professional Development (teacher in-service) to prepare for yet another year. This will be my 6th year at, time flies! Some people ask me why i'm going back to work when I only have a few short weeks until the baby arrives. Well, I'm not going to sit at home and wait for him to come...that's like watching paint dry. I need to stay busy so that time goes by fast! Also, I think being up and moving will help labor i'm gonna go back to work until I can't stand it any longer! The first day of school, with students, is on August 20th, 7 days before my due I may make it, I may not...but i'm gonna try as long as I can! Also, I'd rather take my time off AFTER he's here, rather than BEFORE he's here. I want to stay at home as long as i can with my little man before I have to return to work. I'm using 6 weeks disability plus 40 days accrued leave I have saved up over the past 5 years. I'm hoping I won't have to return to work until Mid to Late November. Then, I'll only have 3 weeks of school left before Christmas break, easing my way back into the working world. Hunter's mom is going to take a leave of absence from her pre-school for the 2nd semester so that she can stay home with Weston and I can resume working. It's so nice having family that can help take care of him. I won't have to worry about day-care, especially the cost of it! Plus I think it will be easier on me to know that he's being taken care of by his Nana! So, that's the plan for this school year! Can't believe it's already time to start again...ready or not, here they come!!!! Carrie

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tristan and Tyler

My niece and nephew are so special to me! Tristan is 7 years old and is about to enter 2nd grade, and Tyler is 14 months old and cute as can be! I don't get to see them very often because they both live in Florida, but my mom sends me pictures of them all of the time. It melts my heart to see them playing together. I cannot wait for Weston to meet his cousins and play with them. I'm sure he will look up to them because they are his big cousins (but i'm pretty sure he might out-grow them, eventually...seeing as though his daddy is 6'5"). Here are some pictures of them, today, playing in Tristan's backyard! Tyler looks a little scared, but mom said he LOVED it! He is not afraid to get water in his face one bit!
And of course, Tyler is being a boy and spraying his cousin with the hose...boys know how to annoy girls at such an early age!!!
Tristan just found out she needs glasses...bless her heart! They tested her at school and she failed the eye exam. My sister took her to the eye doctor and they said she has probably just gotten used to not seeing very well, and she probably never really knew the difference. I think she's cute with glasses!
And of course Tyler is sporting his "glasses" too:
I love my niece and nephew! I miss them so much and think of them, daily! Aunt Carrie loves you Tristan and Tyler! Sending hugs and kisses to Florida!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap

We had a great weekend! I'm trying to enjoy these last fews weeks with just my husband because I know once baby comes, it will never be just the two of us again! We have had a great 5 1/2 years together just the two of us, and we are definitely ready to add a new little member to our family...5 more weeks!!! This is a picture of us on July 5th, Hunter's birthday. Last family photo with just the two of us!
On Friday night, we had our last baby shower! This was a couples shower, so Hunter got to come and join in on the fun! Hunter's parents have lived in the same neighborhood for almost 20 years and all of their neighborhood friends threw us a baby shower. It was so fun! We ate great food and got lots of great gifts. Here are a few pics of us opening gifts...
We had a great time and Hunter laughed at how small his clothes are...he just can't believe we are going to have a baby that is going to be tiny (at least i'm hoping he's tiny...he can get big later in life!!!) We have been blessed to have so many wonderful showers! Weston has so much stuff...we are fully ready for him to arrive!!! His nursery has been ready for weeks, and we've gotten all of his clothes washed and put away, closet organized, etc... Hunter and I are both a little anal when it comes to having things organized and ready on time. We even installed his carseat on Saturday just in case he decides to come earlier than expected! On Saturday, we decided to go and buy a few things on our registries that we still needed/wanted. Luckily, we had some gift cards to help us buy those items! We had fun shopping and then decided to go to dinner at Senor Tequila! After dinner, we went to Trevor and Lori's house. Lori is due the same week as me so it's been fun to compare our bellies and discuss our progress. Here's a pic of us taken back in June:
We helped Trevor and Lori move some furniture around in their nursery. They are getting close to finishing's exciting! She is due 6 days before me but it will be fun to see who goes first and how far apart our babies will be. We know they will be in the same grade, so that will be really fun! Maybe we will end up in the hospital at the same never know! We go to our last childbirth class with them, now we're really prepared! LOL! It's been fun sharing this special time with close friends...something we'll never forget! On Sunday, we did chores all day! Hunter mowed and washed our cars! I did lots of laundry and cleaned up the house. We did our weekly grocery run, which we always do together. Might change after Weston arrives, but for now, we love going to the store together. Maybe Nana and papa will babysit so we can still shop together! I watched the Bachelorette (and Hunter did, too, but shhhhh don't tell) and was glad she chose Jef! Hope this relationship will actually go the distance! Well, that's our weekend re-cap! Nothing too exciting, but I enjoyed my time with my husband! Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend, too! Carrie P.S. For some reason, I put spaces between my paragraphs and they never show up when I post...It just makes one large paragraph. Anybody know how i can fix this? I hate that it's all jumbled up together. Help!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week 33, the worst week for me!

Wow, last week was a rough one. A week that I NEVER want to repeat. I had a 4 day workshop planned in Hot Springs to renew my Pre-AP Certificate so that I can teach my Pre-AP classes (a must in public school)! I had a few co-workers going, too, so we decided to meet up and carpool each morning. Monday, I drove, and everything went well. It was a long day, but it went well. Tuesday, a friend of mine drove, and around 9 am, I started feeling a little lightheaded/dizzy. I thought maybe I hadn't eaten enough or maybe had too much sugar, so I tried to snack a little to see if that would help. It continued to get worse so I finally got an ice pack on my neck and laid on a chair with my feet propped up until lunch. I tried to take a small nap, too. After resting, I still felt bad. I tried an apple and about 10 seconds after I finished, the vomiting began. I couldn't even keep water down...I kept feeling dizzy. Finally, my instructor decided to let me go home early. I'm so glad I didn't have to drive that day because I was miserable. On the way home, my friend had to stop in downtown Hot Springs so that i could vomit in a trashcan, in front of everyone. Then again on the side of the highway in Benton as semis are flying by. She dropped me off at my car in Bryant and I drove myself home. I was really nervous because I was still dizzy, but all I wanted was to be home in my bed! I started to vomit again in my car, luckily having a ziploc with me, and pulled over in a random parking lot to finish. It was miserable!! I called my OB and they presribed me a nausea pill that would melt in my mouth since I couldn't keep ANYTHING down. Hunter went to Walgreens to get this for me, along with chicken noodle soup and sprite. I took my pill and finally fell asleep for an hour and a half. When I woke up, Hunter insisited I try to drink some Gatorade and eat some saltines...they lasted about 5 mins. I was so dizzy the room was spinning and I could barely walk to the bathroom without running into the walls. Hunter has never seen me so bad and he was getting scared. Finally at 8 pm, we decided to go to the hospital. I took a trashcan with me in the car...which was a good thing b/c i vomited the entire way there. I was quite a site walking into the ER, but seeing a pregnant woman, they immediately had me taken up to Labor and delivery. I told them I wasn't in labor, just really sick, but they wanted to check the baby out, regardless. They told me that I probably had a stomach virus, and I ended up getting a suppository to stop the vomiting. The dizziness was caused from dehydration, since I couldn't eat/drink all day. I finally was released around 10 pm and got to go home. The medicine made me sleepy, so luckily, I was able to sleep through the night. On Wednesday, I stayed in bed ALL DAY LONG! I had no energy and was still pretty dizzy. I was able to eat and keep food down, but it took me until Friday before I felt like getting up, dressed, and well enough to leave the house for a few errands. Then on Friday, as I'm finally feeling like eating again, one of my molars starts hurting. I bought some Oragel to numb it and thought it would help, but by Saturday morning, I had a full blown toothache. If you've never experienced a toothache before, they are MISERABLE! It was a throbbing pain that went up my face to my temple, giving me a terrible headache. It lasted the entire day! I couldn't chew anything without being in excruciating pain. I tried more oragel, rinsing my mouth with warm salt water, ice packs, heating pad, regular tylenol, vanilla extract (something I found on the internet), hot tea bags...nothing would stop the pain. By Saturday night, I was in tears. Hunter knew I wasn't feeling well all day because I kept grabbing my face and had barely said 5 words all day (which is not like me at all)! Finally, we called a family friend that's a dentist and he prescribed me an antibiotic because he thought I had an infected tooth, along with a pain pill (Tylenol 3...of course I had to get it cleared from my OB). Hunter took me to Walgreens at 10:30 that night and withint 30 mins of taking the pain pill, the pain was gone! was wonderful! I had been waiting for the pain pill to kick in and I'm so glad we had a family connection. I knew I couldn't go all weekend with that miserable pain. Luckily, I'm doing much better this week. I'm going to the dentist tomorrow to have my tooth checked, even though the pain had gone away. My OB doesn't want me to have any tooth problems while in labor so she said to get it checked out now! I have stopped vomiting and can finally eat food again! Amen! Weston is still thriving and barely noticed that mommy was sick because he gained 11 oz during that week of my sickness. I felt pretty bad for the poor little guy...probably wondered what all those awful noises were coming from mommy! LOL! Hoping that the next 6 weeks aren't anything like week 33. I'm writing this post so that one day I can go back and remember/laugh about Week 33....hoping that i'll never have to re-live that week again... Carrie