Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tristan and Tyler

My niece and nephew are so special to me! Tristan is 7 years old and is about to enter 2nd grade, and Tyler is 14 months old and cute as can be! I don't get to see them very often because they both live in Florida, but my mom sends me pictures of them all of the time. It melts my heart to see them playing together. I cannot wait for Weston to meet his cousins and play with them. I'm sure he will look up to them because they are his big cousins (but i'm pretty sure he might out-grow them, eventually...seeing as though his daddy is 6'5"). Here are some pictures of them, today, playing in Tristan's backyard! Tyler looks a little scared, but mom said he LOVED it! He is not afraid to get water in his face one bit!
And of course, Tyler is being a boy and spraying his cousin with the hose...boys know how to annoy girls at such an early age!!!
Tristan just found out she needs glasses...bless her heart! They tested her at school and she failed the eye exam. My sister took her to the eye doctor and they said she has probably just gotten used to not seeing very well, and she probably never really knew the difference. I think she's cute with glasses!
And of course Tyler is sporting his "glasses" too:
I love my niece and nephew! I miss them so much and think of them, daily! Aunt Carrie loves you Tristan and Tyler! Sending hugs and kisses to Florida!!

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