Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The End of Another Summer...

Another summer ends, a new school year bgins! It has been a great summer! We got out earlier this past school year...before Memorial Day...which NEVER happens! I'm so thankful i've had 11 weeks at home, sleeping in and preparing for baby Weston. Next Tuesday, I am going to go back to school for Professional Development (teacher in-service) to prepare for yet another year. This will be my 6th year at, time flies! Some people ask me why i'm going back to work when I only have a few short weeks until the baby arrives. Well, I'm not going to sit at home and wait for him to come...that's like watching paint dry. I need to stay busy so that time goes by fast! Also, I think being up and moving will help labor i'm gonna go back to work until I can't stand it any longer! The first day of school, with students, is on August 20th, 7 days before my due I may make it, I may not...but i'm gonna try as long as I can! Also, I'd rather take my time off AFTER he's here, rather than BEFORE he's here. I want to stay at home as long as i can with my little man before I have to return to work. I'm using 6 weeks disability plus 40 days accrued leave I have saved up over the past 5 years. I'm hoping I won't have to return to work until Mid to Late November. Then, I'll only have 3 weeks of school left before Christmas break, easing my way back into the working world. Hunter's mom is going to take a leave of absence from her pre-school for the 2nd semester so that she can stay home with Weston and I can resume working. It's so nice having family that can help take care of him. I won't have to worry about day-care, especially the cost of it! Plus I think it will be easier on me to know that he's being taken care of by his Nana! So, that's the plan for this school year! Can't believe it's already time to start again...ready or not, here they come!!!! Carrie

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